ANRD commences ‘introductory tour’


By Alagie Manneh

The Alliance for National Reorientation and Development party will today begin its one-week introductory tour of The Gambia.

The idea is to meet locals at community levels, introduce the party’s structure and sell its agenda, according to General Lamin Bojang, the party leader.


The tour will target major towns like Farafenni and Georgetown but General Bojang told The Standard yesterday that it will commence from Barra.

“The idea is to cross to Barra and make our way to faraway Koina. But we are not on a rally. We are on an introductory tour to tell the Gambian people that ours is the way forward,” the former general said.

He said the one-week tour will allay widespread fears in regard to potential pre and post-election concerns. “The tour is about bringing sanity into our politics,” he said.