By Omar Bah

Momodou Dodou Sey of Bakau who claimed to be an APRC supporter since 1994 has denied sealing a UDP ballot box at the Katchically polling station during last week’s National Assembly election.
Speaking to The Standard on the matter, Sey, a former APRC Bakau Katchically Ward mobiliser then went ahead to explain the story of how some people accused him of trying to stuff the UDP ballot bow with chewing gum.

“After casting my vote, a lady who was next to me too went in to cast her vote, but the marble she was given was too big to go through the ballot hole.


“When she realised that the marble couldn’t pass into the hole, she called the attention of the IEC officials on the ground who confirmed that the marble was too big for the hole and that nothing was put in the ballot hole. But because I was the last to enter before the lady, some evil people quickly and falsely spread rumours that I sealed the UDP ballot box with chewing gum so that no one else can cast their marble in it. This is too stupid and a cheap accusation,” Mr Sey said.

Sey said he felt very bad about this false accusation because some people are using it to tarnish his image.
“I want to make it clear that I have never done anything wrong and the IEC staff on the ground knows that this is false and I think that should be the end of this malicious allegation. I am worried about how people perceive me in the future and I want the IEC to come clean and tell Gambians that there was no chewing gum in the ballot hole in the first place,” he stressed.

He continued: “The message is very simple: I did not do it and I have no reason to do such a thing. Yes I support APRC, but I don’t think I would achieve anything from such acts. Am better than that,” he concluded.