APRC speaks on Barrow’s new cabinet


By Omar Bah

The spokesman of the former ruling APRC has approved President Adama Barrow’s new cabinet appointments.

Over a dozen political parties and independent entities, including the former ruling APRC backed Barrow and his NPP in the last election, some of them members of the 2016 Coalition.


Reacting to the new cabinet for the first time, the APRC spokesperson, Musa Amul Nyassi said his party has been represented with the appointment of Abdoulie Jobe, minister of petroleum.

“I want to start by thanking President Barrow on the appointment of his new cabinet and pray for all those who are appointed for a successful tenure. That said, I want to say that the APRC has seen itself in the new cabinet with the appointment of Abdoulie Jobe who has been very consistent in his contribution and support for the APRC,” Nyassi told Star FM Wake Up Show to be aired tomorrow.

The former National Assembly for Foñi Kansala, who lost his reelection bid to Jammeh’s independent candidate, Almami Gibba, said the APRC national executive recognises the efforts of Minister Jobe towards the party and wish him well in his new appointment.

“So, I am happy to tell the Gambian people that APRC have seen themselves in the new cabinet because Abdoulie Jobe has been with us 100%. It is true that some of the appointees were APRC before the change but after the change, they stayed neutral but for Mr Jobe, he was continuously participating in the party’s affairs,” he said.

Governor appointment

Responding to rumours that he is being considered the next governor of West Coast, Mr Nyassi said he only heard the reports but he will readily accept any appointment if he can deliver there.

“I am hopeful of being appointed because I know I have the competence and the knowledge to serve in any position I am entrusted with but whether it will happen or not that is left to God but there is hope,” he added.

Commenting on his shock parliamentary defeat, Amul said he took the defeat in good faith and thanked all those who voted for him in 2017 and in the last elections.

“I can proudly say the five years I served in the National Assembly were not in vain. I have served my constituency and The Gambia to the best of my ability,” he said.


Mr Nyassi said the APRC’s position has not changed on the TRRC. “There cannot be reconciliation without the APRC being at the forefront,” he added.