‘APRC will never rule again’


By Mafugi Ceesay

Basiru Gassama, a former APRC Kanifing Municipality divisional youth adviser, has told The Standard that the former ruling party will never regain power.

Mr. Gassama, who is also a former Sanchaba Ward Chairman and vocal APRC supporter, said: “I do apologise to all Gambians for supporting something that I don’t know but I have regretted it and I am asking Almighty Allah to forgive me.”


However Mr. Gassama said things are not going well either in the new dispensation. “But I think our best solution to salvation is to support Barrow to complete his five years.
“This 3-year issue is an insult because it was just an agreement not backed by a referendum or something. Peace is power and we cannot take it for granted. In fact I think if Barrow chooses to resign now it will only create chaos in the country because everyone is hungry for power,” Gassama warned.

Gassama further observed that any demonstration to bring down the government will get Yahya Jammeh on the dance floor and laughing.
“We can avoid all that,” he said.

Gassama also said the volume and frequent use of foul language on social media against one another is a very worrying trend.