Army arrest 6 at Senegambia bridge


By Omar Bah

The deputy spokesperson of the Gambia Armed Forces, Captain Malick Sanyang has confirmed that soldiers stationed at Farafenni have arrested six people at the Senegambia bridge.

Captain Sanyang explained that the six men, identified as Senegalese nationals, were riding on three motorbikes from Bignona in the Casamance region heading to Touba at 3am on Saturday September 24.  He said when the men arrived at the Senegambia Bridge, they refused to stop to pay toll fees.


“When they refused to stop our men at Farafenni were called to be alerted about the approaching motorbikes. But again, when the soldiers on the other side tried to intercept them, they resisted which led to their arrest. They eventually complied and paid the toll fees and were handed over to Farafenni police station for onward processing. That is what I can confirm regarding this particular incident,” he said.

Word of caution

Captain Sanyang warned that the situation could have been dangerous and warned that people crossing the borders must respond properly to the protocols to avoid situations like this.

“Looking at the time the incident took place, anything could have happened because the military could have mistaken them for criminals which could have led to something dangerous,” he said.