Barrow smells victory with ‘massive’ crowd in West Coast


By Tabora Bojang

President Adama Barrow has said the turnout at his meetings is an indication that he will win the December election resoundingly.


Speaking in Jambur Monday, President Barrow said the huge turnouts and solidarity by the people of Kombo reminded him about the sequence of events leading to his landmark victory that ended the 22-year rule of exiled former president, Yahya Jammeh in 2016.

“When I set out for a provincial tour in 2016, people came to me and assured me I would win [against Jammeh] but I told them to wait until we get to Kombo because if Kombo accepts us, then we can be assured of winning. It was a 10-day provincial tour and when we returned to Kombo, we got a huge welcome and I won the election. This year, I again toured the country for 10 days and I returned to Kombo [Sunday] to a welcome larger than what we saw in 2016. This is a demonstration that our work has already yielded fruits and I can tell you even my opponents know that the upcoming election is done and dusted. They [opposition] believe in this and we also believe in it,” President Barrow said.

According to President Barrow, he is convinced Kombo is the power house of Gambian politics, saying the welcome he received in Jambur will be an “unforgettable memory” in his political career. 

The Minster of Information, Ebrima Sillah a native of the village, said: “The December election will be a battle between progress and retrogression, revenge and reconciliation, unity and division and a battle between people who think they own all positions and have divine rights to rule and the ones they consider uneducated.”

According to Sillah, there are 533 polling stations in WCR and that he and his team including Lamin Jatta, Kebba Madi Bojang and Lamin Jammeh got the statistics about the chances of the NPP at all these stations.  

“We know where we stand red, partially red, blue, partially blue and grey and this is not a joke. Mr. President, we will come to show it to you before the election. We are going to lead even if it is going to be a 5 percent margin,” he said.