Bah defends Qcell boycott calls

Bah defends Qcell boycott calls


By Alagie Manneh

Former Gambian ambassador to the Russian Federation, and UDP supporter Jainaba Bah, has defended her recent calls for a boycott of QCell, accusing its owner, Muhammed Jah of “hostility” towards the UDP.

Public opinion was against the former teacher and UDP foot soldier following a viral audio in which she called on UDP supporters to boycott the commercial enterprises of Muhammed Jah.


Although the UDP leader Ousainu Darboe condemned the campaign, saying it will “alienate the party,” Ambassador Bah insists QCell and its CEO deserve this and thanked those supporters who respected the boycott.

“I have seen the hostility that QTV has shown to the UDP and that is why I called for the boycott but I did it as a private citizen,” Mrs Bah told The Standard.

Mrs Bah said although she “loves and respects” her leader, Ousainu Darboe, “dearly”, she will stand against injustice anywhere whether against

a UDP person or any other Gambian victimised or maltreated. “I will stand up for that person and against anyone supporting the leader who gave those instructions,” she said.

 She said the UDP leader’s disagreement with her boycott calls demonstrated the leadership qualities in Mr Darboe.

“He has a right to think like that and it also shows that he is a very responsible person. I know Barrow’s people always insult the party leader and Barrow is always sitting there, laughing, which is not correct,” Mrs Bah argued.

In a marathon interview about her life story, Mrs Bah, a prolific writer and political activist, gave an anecdote leading to her and the other UDP ambassadors’ removal, and her reluctance to accept the election victory of President Adama Barrow.    

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