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City of Banjul
Friday, October 30, 2020


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After a long wait, the Bajana international Marathon is set to make history on the 31st March when it will go full cycle with a full 42-kilometer race.
This 6th edition will attract runners from different parts of the world including Ghana, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, France, and Germany. The longest distance to run in this year’s event will be 42 kilometers which will start from the Busumbala market to Bajana,the 10 kilometers from Somita while the 5 kilometers run will start from Besse village to Bajana. The founder of Bajana International Marathon Roy Sanyang said the event is an opportunity to visit, connect with, and support grassroots projects led by the Gambia Volunteers Trust and leave a powerful impact on the local community. Funds gathered from the Marathon will be used for the development of the village and Bajana Nursery refurbishment project.

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