Bakau launches Islamic Development Foundation


By Tabora Bojang

The Bakau Islamic Development Foundation established in March last year to provide religious and social assistance services and fostering community advancement efforts will be officially launched today.

The launching is expected to be attended by hosts of guests and will be followed by an Islamic conference with renowned cleric Hamma Jaiteh to deliver on the topic ‘Islam’s perspective on family life.’


According to head of the foundation Ba Nuha Touray, the initiative was conceptualised to support community imams in Bakau in consideration of the important roles they play in society and other vulnerable members of the society such as widows.

“Imams are heavily involved in community responsibilities; they attend funerals, naming ceremonies, marriage ceremonies, community mediation and reconciliation and all other important community works but they don’t get paid or receive salaries and they are also bread winners and family heads. This is why we thought of establishing this foundation to see how we could gather funds and provide a bit of allowance for imams. Besides, many mosques within the town are in need of minor repairs and we will also endeavour to attend to those repairs. We would also want to look out for sponsorship for less privileged members of the community including widows to see how we could provide support in education, skills and livelihood,” Touray explained.

According to President Touray, the foundation will also undertake means to foster and promote peaceful coexistence and understanding within the residents of the community, sensitise and offer guidance to community members on issues revolving around Islam and sharia.