Bakau man hits jackpot


By Awa Macalo

Saliffu Bah, a native of Bakau, had a life-changing opportunity through an online sport betting company in The Gambia, BWINNERS.

Saliffu spent D25 on a ticket, played 35 teams and recently announced as the winner of D2 million.


Bwinners is one of the largest sport betting companies in The Gambia.

Saliffu in his happiest tone, thanked the company for the life changing support.

“This will go a long way in helping me achieve my dreams. I am a borehole driller by profession and I came from an extended family. I have a bigger plan and aspirations and with this amount, most of my problems will be solved,” he said.

The CEO of BWINNERS, Hussien Nasier, said the company was established in 2017 with the aim to empower Gambian youth through giving them life changing opportunities. In this, they would be able to start up a business or do something meaningful.

“The D2 million is the jackpot. It is the largest amount in all betting companies in the Gambia, not only BWINNERS. In the past years, we have had people who won D1 million, D1.2 million and today someone won seven hundred thousand dalasi. The D1.2 million was won by a young man who has later on travelled to Europe. So we are changing lives and we believe this 2 million will also change the life of this young man who won it. Two million is not a small amount and we both know what it can do. If you win this kind of amount, please spend it wisely.”

The bookmaker has a substantial presence in the African market and has been active in the sector for a long time. It runs a casino and a sportsbook online, and has a complete license from the Gambian government.

Gambian citizens at the age of at least 18 are eligible to create accounts at Bwinners.