Bakoteh dumpsite impasse worsens


By Omar Bah

The Chief Executive Officer of the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC), Pa Kalipha Sanyang has admitted that the controversial Bakoteh dumpsite has been closed temporarily.

Mr Sanyang however assured that the closure will not be long and the site will reopen soon.
He did not however say what led to the closure or by who but it followed a bitter complaint and protest by residents of the area.


Private waste disposers within the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC), who spoke to The Standard alleged that the residents around the dumpsite blocked the site, without authority from the KMC.
Modou Njie a private waste disposer said the Kanifing Municipal Council should come clean and clear the mess that surrounds the whole saga.

“I think the municipal authorities owed us an explanation with regards to closure of the Bakoteh dumpsite because the situation is very frustrating for us,” he said.

Ousman Nyang anther private waste disposers said the blockage of the Bakoteh dumpsite is increasingly becoming a nightmare for people like him, “This is just like waking-up on a faithful day only to be told your right to exist has been seized, because for me, this is all I do for a living”, he lamented.

He said the closure will result is not the solution as it is only creating another problem unnecessarily.
“Just go around the compounds and check, there is waste everywhere waiting to be transported, because of the blockage, ‘he said.

Last month protesters from the communities of Bakoteh, Manjai and other surroundings marched through Serrekunda to Westfield Junction holding banners reading;“Stop the Dumping, #Bakoteh Manjai Has decided No Dumping”.