Barrow accused of overlooking differently abled again


By Amadou Jadama

After raising concern over the non-inclusion of the disable community in his five nominees for the National Assembly, President Barrow has again come under criticism from The Gambia Federation of the Disabled for overlooking them in his new cabinet formed on Wednesday.

Reacting to the new cabinet, Lamin Manneh, secretary general of the Federation said after failing to renominate Ndey Yassin Secka to represent the disable community in the National Assembly,  President Barrow should have been considerate enough to appoint one member of the community in the new cabinet. “The disable fraternity is totally disappointed.  The Barrow of 2017 and now are different,” Mr Manneh said.


He said the disabled community has showed a great solidarity to President Barrow during the impasse, hoping that he would be the one to wipe their tears of discrimination. “We mobilized each other and came out in full force to show our allegiance to him at the Kairaba Beach Hotel, “he said.

Mr Manneh then added: “From 2017 to date, President Barrow’s government has never paid any subvention to the Gambian disabled federation or employed any.” He reminded the government that there is only one rehabilitation centre in The Gambia for amputees where one must buy one’s own materials which is beyond the earnings of many affected persons.