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Barrow Fan Club president rescinds resignation

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By Tabora Bojang

Less than a week after he announced his resignation, Alagie Kijera the president of the Barrow Fan Club has told The Standard that he has rescinded his resignation.

Kijera, a staunch surrogate for President Barrow announced his resignation from the ‘Club’ last Sunday casting aspersion and unhappiness with the way things are going on in the fan club.

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His resignation comes on the heel of internal wrangling and race of legitimacy between groups claiming to be original founders and some alleged hijackers.

The Netherland-based president said he would not allow himself to be part of a system that has the potential to tarnish his integrity.

However, confirming his dramatic U-turn Kijera said it emanates from the outcome of an emergency meeting convened by the executive of the fan club where the conflicting parties agreed to set differences aside and work towards supporting the president further his political agenda.

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“The Executive of the fan club held an emergency meeting and decided that I should rescind my decision and come back to my presidency, which I happily accepted because we have now agreed on issues that have led to discord and needed to change in order to chart a new page for the betterment of the fan club,” he added.

When asked if President Barrow did not intervene in influencing his decision, Kijera said he could not corroborate that since he was not on the ground and that his executive on the ground did not also inform him of Barrow’s involvement.

He however reiterated that he still maintains an uncompromising stance on protecting his integrity, warning that if things did not work out the way he wanted it he would revert to his initial decision.

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