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I have no grudge against anyone – Barrow

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By Omar Bah

President Adama Barrow on Tuesday used his annual Eidul Fitr meeting with Muslim leaders to stress that he habours no grudge against anyone in the course of his duties as president.
Addressing visiting religious leaders at State House, President Barrow said he needed to clarify this because he recently took certain decisions that were very difficult but which were all done in the best interests of the country.

He specifically talked about the recent sackings in his cabinet saying that such actions are as difficult as they are necessary in the interest of the nation.
“I work in the national interest between me and God. If I come to the realisation that a person is fit for a particular position at a particular time, I will pick the person for that job and doing so I am not motivated by hatred for anyone,” he said.
President Barrow further called on Gambians to support his government’s development agenda in spite of any differences of views. ”We seek forgiveness from everyone and we have forgiven everyone. The position I am holding today is a responsibility given to me by God and one day my presidency will end. ”

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Addressing the concerns of he Muslim leaders, the Gambian leader assured the elders that their concerns relating to the preservation of the practice of Sharia law in the country’s constitution as it relates to the Cadi court would be duly noted by the concerned authorities.

“The matters of constitutional reforms are being handled through the Ministry of Justice. Your concerns are noted and the Minister will take it under advice,” the President said, noting that a new Gambia being built is for all, not just for any group or individual.

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