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By Omar Bah, Reporting from Basse President Adama Barrow has called on cabinet and government officials in his administration, who are trying to undermine his national development blueprint to resign before he fires them. “My cabinet ministers are here. If you are in my cabinet, and your aim and objective are to sabotage the NDP agenda, please resign before we come for you. We will not condone anyone to sabotage the NDP agenda. We are ready to fight anyone bent on sabotaging the NDP agenda,” he told a huge rally in Wuli Foday Kunda Sunday. The president went on: “If I know anyone who tries to undermine my government we will do everything to fight you. I know the last election’s project was more difficult and scary than any other project because it was a project that one could have died, but we stood our ground and ensured Jammeh is history in this country. We will not allow anyone to undermine this country again.” He said he is ready for anything as far as the realization of the NDP is concerned, adding, “We are more than determined to fight any individual bent on undermining or obstructing the NDP agenda.” President Barrow further stressed that The Gambia is free forever and that dictatorship will never persist in the country again, adding that his administration has recognised the fact that the world support countries that promote democracy so they will not allow anyone to undermine that. “I want to inform the people of URR and CRR that I am committed to transforming these two regions. I am a politician with a difference who does not make empty promises because I believe politicians should be trustworthy,” he added. Barrow Youth Movement Meanwhile, President Barrow also took time to defend the Barrow Youth Movement, adding that the movement is here to stay. He called on communities to open the movement’s branches in their villages. He said criticisms against the Movement are baseless because it is just a group of young people who came together and adopted him as father and informed him of their desire to contribute in building the country. “So anyone who criticises the movement, in my opinion, has an agenda. The movement is not the only organization in this country. There are other groups and all the political parties in this country have similar groups. Why picking on the Barrow Youth Movement? Their [critics] objective is to divide us. Your work is really scaring them,” he told members of the movement at the rally. The President announced that the Barrow Youth for National Development is going to commission 150 projects.]]>

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