Barrow warns Kandeh to stop inviting Jammeh to speak at rallies


As former president Yahya Jammeh continues his phone-in participation in the ongoing political campaign, President Adama Barrow has warned Mamma Kandeh against giving Jammeh platform to cause instability.

Jammeh has already addressed political rallies at least four times since he ‘dissolved’ the Tombong Jatta executive which is in alliance with the National Peoples Party.

Jammeh continues his attack on the president over the weekend when he asked Gambians to abandon NPP at a GDC rally in Farafenni.


But speaking for the first time about Jammeh’s recent intrusion into Gambian politics, President Barrow said: “I’ve been informed that when Mamma Kandeh is holding meetings, he would call Yahya Jammeh to campaign for him. I’m warning Mamma Kandeh, we want peace in this country. Yahya Jammeh is in exile. He doesn’t hqve the permission to participate in our politics. If you call him there, give him chance to talk and cause problems here, I’m warning Mamma Kandeh, since he is the party leader. We will give notice to IEC to warn him.”

President Barrow further advised the GDC entourage to respect the law.  “This country is governed by laws. Mamma Kandeh should carry on with his campaign and abide by the laws of the country. If he breaks the law, the law will deal with him. I am a peaceful president and I want peace in this country,” he warned.

He cautioned Kandeh that if he invites Jammeh to his campaign platform again, he would show him [Kandeh] that The Gambia is governed by laws.

The president was speaking at a rally in Sare Ngaen, Wuli West.