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Bass takes issues with Seedy Njie

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By Alagie Manneh Staunch Bakau APRC supporter Basiru Gassama has urged his fellow APRC man Seedy Njie, to slow down in his militant defending of the party as the nation is bigger than both him and former exiled leader Yahya Jammeh. Mr Njie is widely criticized for his blind loyalty to the former president and party even in the abundance of local international disapproval of their stand during the post election impasse. “I think Mr Njie’s actions are getting out of hand. In the first place, he should not even have accepted his ‘ten days Ministerial job’ in the midst of general discontent with the Jammeh regime,” Bass said. He went on to say that Mr Njie and the people who were urging Jammeh not to concede defeat don’t love him, and they certainly don’t love the Gambia. “As a small boy Mr Njie did not see the bigger picture that’s why he took up the job at an hour when credible people are leaving the sinking ship. That misjudgment cost him a lot in terms of reputation,” Bass said. According to Bass, the December election was free, fair and transparent. “There could be no cheating now that there is an independent electoral commission and I commend the IEC chairman for the bravery and professional work with his entire staff.” Basiru also commended the security agencies, who he said conducted themselves maturely. “From the Chief of Defense Staff and other security agencies, I commend them all for standing by the constitution. “The oath of allegiance they took for Jammeh expired on the 18 an On the 19, they put their allegiance to the new elected President, who is the choice of the Gambian people,” he said. Asked if the APRC party still has his support and influence, the outspoken politician replied: “Me? Don’t you hear what I say? I am a Muslim, I believe in the will of Allah.” On what the APRC’s fate should be, Bass retorted: “Whatever happens to them is left to them. All these APRC supporters were strong supporters of PPP before.” On the proposed establishment of truth and reconciliation commission Bass said when Jammeh overthrew Jawara, there was a Commission and people were victimized. “So if this new government too sets up a Commission, anybody who is found to be faulty must dance to the music. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.”]]>

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