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Batteling Prince Ibrahim appointed CDSU ambassador

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The Prince of Kiang Batteling and the chairman of Royal Africa Holdings, Ibrahim Sanyang, has been appointed as ambassador by the Consular & Diplomatic Service University in Ghana.

According to a write-up shared with The Standard, his appointment was selectively recommended by merit for his invaluable and enormous contribution to the society, socially and economically around the globe.

He was exclusively selected from among several others who volunteered to do this global humanitarian service of promoting peaceful co-existence through education and knowledge dissemination.

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The Consular & Diplomatic Service University (CDSU) is an Ambassadorial research training institution on diplomatic status, independently established to serve as a diplomatic research-training school that raises, grooms, models and trains emerging leaders and diplomats, by enabling them gain practical knowledge and experience in foreign service, consular services and diplomatic administration.

Among other courses offered by CDSU includes political economics, global diplomacy, modern leadership and governance.

As a non-profit-open institution for consular and diplomatic research training programmes, the University admits its students on scholarships, per their qualifications or by recommendations from their Government agencies, donor organisations, and the diplomatic missions.

However, general admission were also opened to students who have demonstrated great passion in desiring to pursue careers in foreign affairs, while they look forward for top-level positions in international affairs, diplomacy, mediation, leadership, and global governance.

The majority of its foreign and international students, flexibly study from their home countries, in their own comfort zone of choice, while receiving lectures directly from their world-class professors online, linking them up to various affiliated universities, with e-learning technologies through virtual and smart classrooms, principally study off-campus; many of its courses and programmes can also be studied anywhere in the world, as to create easy learning environment channels, and independent study opportunity to the diplomatic working students.

The University’s funding sources come from the support of a number of embassies, agencies, governments, non-governmental organisations, the United Nations, individual donors, foundations, philanthropists, institutions and private corporations.

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