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Beinspired International founder outlines plans to help youths

In an exclusive interview with The Standard, he explained: “Our aim is to strengthen the youths to grow sustainable careers, cultivate potentials to ensure their development .We need to build strong foundations for future leaders by empowering the youths to utilise opportunities through career counseling and development by facilitating volunteering, internship, apprenticeship, and entrepreneurship recruitment programs for them. There is a high level of uncertainty about the direction of youths in this country. In fact, the illegal migration dubbed the ‘back way’ has been one of the key reasons for this. Despite the many opportunities for youths in this country, it still remains a challenge for young people to discover their potentials and available opportunities in the country. Therefore, there is a need for instilling confidence in youths and creating a platform where they will be able to make informed decisions about their future in order to grow and pass the level where many fail. Be Inspired Internationally is a charitable organisation that is formed by young, enthusiastic and altruistic people to help contribute towards efforts that are geared towards empowering and developing young people in this country.

“The idea about forming an organisation that will inspire young people to do their bit in their community while on vacation in The Gambia. I visited some of my former classmates from senior secondary school who have recently completed their bachelors degree at the university of The Gambia. The shocking thing was that they were not able to secure any meaningful work after their degree. I was also made to understand that many new graduates are in the same situation. I then thought about the need to establish a platform that will create lots of really good stuff in order to build a community inspired by the hope of a better future which would not leave anyone behind.  I believe that creating such platform would be like a business that would grow a healthy society, a society that is balance socially, economically and environmentally. Upon contemplating the idea with some new graduates and senior students from the University of The Gambia, it was highlighted that something urgent needs to be done to empower and support the youths in the country in order to change their mind set. In light of the ‘back way’ route to Europe and the death of many young Gambians on the shores of the Mediterranean, it was recognised that the youths can’t wait for things to happen to them, they are ready to take serious risks just to have a better future”. 

He added: “Therefore all that needs to be done is to identify the opportunities for the youths in the country, make the youths aware of the opportunities and develop their potentials to be able to effectively utilize those opportunities. Recognising this fact, an organisation that focus on enhancing and improving the social status of youths is very vital towards economic growth and development. Be Inspired Internationally is formed to take on the mantle and address the issue. The research on better generation will provide us with new knowledge about youth’s attitudes, ambition and views. Then after knowing what factors place young people at risk and what training and experiences they need to get in order to become successful and productive citizens. Our task will now be to consistently incorporate that knowledge into everyday practice so that risk is reduced and positive outcomes are maximised. Be inspired is committed to improving the capacity of the youth, assess needs and identify resources and opportunities and implement high quality research-based projects for youth empowerment. We believe that quality youth programs would enable young people to get on board to share talents and experience to help and support others, which could be classified as true diversity based on giving chance to future generations to realise their dreams.”


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