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Bensouda unveils plans for municipal transport, housing and legal services

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The mayor of Kanifing Talib Ahmed Bensouda has said his administration’s’ next target in the KMC include, among other things, to provide residents with a municipal public transport system, a low-cost housing scheme and free legal services for residents who might need one. He also promised to build a network of roads to connect every ward in the KM with a by-pass road. The mayor said if entrusted with the running of the KMC again, he will dedicate efforts to fighting against floods as well as beautify more and more boulevards in the municipality and make it even cleaner of waste. 

Bensouda made these revelations on Saturday as he launched his manifesto unveiling his programmes for the municipality should he secure reelection in the 20 May elections.

At at a solemn ceremony at the Seaview, the senior leadership of the party, councillors and supporters gathered to hear the mayor talk about his achievements of the past five years and targeted goals for the coming one.

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Bensounda disclosed that during his administration’s first term, the budget of KMC grew from D100 million to D400 million, a raise of D300 million, translating in to great success in fighting corruption and eliminating leakages.

Waste Management & environment

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On the once problematic issue of waste collection and management, the mayor said KMC secured 24 waste vehicles to collect municipal waste, planted 50,000 trees and beautification of 5km of roads.

Health & safety

On the area of health and safety, Bensouda revealed that during his first term, the KMC built a 1.8km wall around the Bakoteh dumpsite, protected residents from the risk of fires spreading to communities and also introduced security and management to control access. He said KMC also provided fire engines, ambulances and police vehicles, and installed one fire engine at the dumpsite.

He said the KMC also embarked on a novelty project such as Google Plus codes for quick response of emergency services as well as cleared fly-tipping sites.

On infrastructure, Bensouda mentioned improved road infrastructure and markets.

Youth and economy

The mayor said hundreds of new jobs were created for the youth and women in addition to supporting women’s gardens.

Plans for the next term

The mayor went ahead to give a bullet point summary of his plans for the second term:


Build 23km of roads within the municipality.

Build 6km of drains.

Connect every ward with bypass routes.

Road safety campaign in schools and media    

Waste management and environment

–  Recycle more than 80% of waste.

– Support entrepreneurs in building waste management/processing businesses 

–  Build new weighbridge to better manage dumpsite

– Engage with central government to construct an engineered landfill outside the Municipality.    

– Protect against flooding by Planting 150,000 additional trees including on streets for shade & beautification and mangroves.

–  Additional 2km of highway beautified every year.

Affordable housing

– Invest in affordable homes over the next 10 years within KM.

Municipal markets

– Build 7 municipal markets.

– Renovate an additional 5 municipal markets.

– Relocate Sandika    

– Create hygienic, accessible, and comfortable new vendor spaces

Municipal transport:

Pilot the first-ever municipal transport company to provide mass transit for residents at affordable rates.

Youths & social services

– Connect youths with education and employment opportunities – giving them priority in all the upcoming development projects.    

– Set up an Office of Public information

– Free legal guidance

– Assistance to government services

– Advice on Administrative rights and procedures

– Education  

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