Pura demands explanation from Fayda FM

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By Amadou Jadama

The national regulator Pura is continuing to cause outrage in the journalism fraternity with yet another radio coming under the threat of punitive action.

After King FM and Home Digital, the regulator has now turned its attention to Fayda 1 FM, the only radio station dedicated to the plight of the differently abled members of the community.


Pura is asking the radio to give reasons as to why punitive actions should not be taken against them on or before 9 May 2023 for the following reasons: “Through our monitoring of all content on regulated FM radio stations, it is our concern to note that certain contents broadcast over Fayda FM are not in keeping with your license conditions. We are equally in receipt of a complaint against Fayda FM of insults against individuals, which is in variance of your license conditions

The authority wish to strongly remind Fayda FM’s management that, it is mandatory for all radio broadcasting licences to conform to their licences conditions, and (a)p resent all news in a factually accurate, impartial and non-partisan manner, (b) present current affairs in a balanced, clear, factual, accurate and impartial manner, ©licence holders shall ensure that their content is desirable to the public and that it is not offensive”

Pura warned that noncompliance with these licence conditions, attracts punitive action, against offending entities whoever this may be.

The Standard contacted Lamin Manneh the deputy managing director of the radio station who said Pura should be told clearly that it cannot silence the media.

”This is how former president Jammeh started. So, if we give them an avenue, they will continue to do the same but we have past that bridge now. Dictatorship will never come back in this country,” Mr Manneh said.