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Big Faa’s ‘Nyu Defarr Kor’ onstage


Big Faa, Gambian artiste is expected to launch his second album entitled “Nyu Defarr Kor” comprising of ten tracks on 15 December at the Penchami Hall. The night will be a live band performances to be backed by Kebba Taylor and Friends Band and will feature guest artistes including Gee, ENC, Sophia, Cess Ngum, Jalimadi, ST and others. The album is produced by different producers including What Now, Jlive Music and Shyboy Entertainment and some of the promotional songs are ‘Nyu Defarr Kor’, ‘The Same Thing’ ‘anything anything’ and ‘Degree’. It will be available in all digital platforms. Big Faa told journalists that the album is beyond music as it is talking about all sectors in the society. “Nyu Defarr Kor meaning let’s fix it talks about the realities in The Gambia and beyond I will not allow to be derailed, so anything that is in the interest of the country I will sing about through my music,” he added. “This album is Gambia, so I want all Gambians to be part of it. We are calling on all to support the day,” he said.]]>

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