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Book on Jammeh published

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By Aisha Tamba

A book on former ruler Jammeh, ‘The Fall of Babili Mansa’ was last Saturday published by Gambian businessman Hadime Jah.
The launch of the 54-page book took place at the Alliance Francaise and looks at the fall of Yahya Jammeh and how dictatorships endangered or are endangering Africa.
It was first written in French and then translated into English to aid Gambian and other English Language readers.

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Author Hadime Jah, who spent his entire childhood and adolescence in Senegal, said the book is here to fight dictatorships not only in Africa, but throughout the world.
“The reader will also know the history of The Gambia and Senegambia,” Jah said. “I first highlighted “the value of man”, because it seems some African leaders have disconnected from the social life. They act towards the citizens in an instinctive way. This always leads to a barbarian government.”
The book also discusses the virtues of a perfect statesman, and perceives the danger of the global leadership.

“It is written to eradicate the dictatorial regime in Africa and in particular, The Gambia which has suffered “agony of chains”.
“The African who has suffered centuries of deportation, decades of colonisation, believed that the period of slavery was abolished. But nowadays, there is another form of slavery that we can identify ostensibly between the African leader and his citizen,” he stressed.

Born on December 7, 1981 in Banjul, Hadime Jah was separated very early from his mother Yasin Bahoum by his father Kaba Jah. Jah spent all his childhood and adolescence in Senegal at his tutor’s, Elhadji Mamadou Mbaye, who lives in Touba. Jah strongly expresse the nostalgia of his country, but was denied any chance. He did his primary education in the district of Louga, Grand Louga 2 School, his secondary school at Elhadji Djily Mbaye College in Louga. He then graduated from Malick Sall High School in Louga district, before continuing his studies at the University of Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar. He also received, in the meadow of Cheikh Musa Touray, the owner of Daara Maslakul Hudda, a divine dimension allowing him to be a purifier of soul.

Now Jah is managing his father’s company ‘Spotlines Foreign Exchange Bureau’ and that of his elder brother Sheikh M Jah, ‘Touba Mulipurpose Express.’

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