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With the Gambia Football Federation only a little over a month to go, the stage is gradually being set for what many described as a turning point in the history of Gambian football.
Already incumbent Lamin Kaba Bajo is gunning for a second term promising to deliver even greater achievements if given a second chance. Team–Kaba said they intend to provide each region with a standard playing ground with assistance from Fifa and as well as support clubs and all organs of the game to be effective. They have also dropped two key figures from their new line up including veteran national team captain Aboulie Star Jallow and Martin Gomez, a veteran educationist and former head of school sports. Team-Kaba plans to upgrade the powerful executive member Bakary Jammeh from mere executive member to First Vice President, while General Lang Tombong Tamba is lined up to become 3rd Vice president if they get elected on August 18.

Meanwhile very little has been heard from the Malick Sillah Camp since the former international referee made his intention to run for president public last month. However yesterday a source close to Sillah camp said he would officially unveil his team on Monday.
Mr Sillah has vowed to give football to footballers arguing that unlike Senegal and other places around the world where football is being run by people who actually played it, in The Gambia the game is being run by people who have never even been remotely associated with it. Sillah also promised to end the current decline in Gambian football by formulating plans and policies that will place football in the hands of those who will bring value to it and not those who will take its riches and privileges while the game it self suffers. The race is on. Watch this space for every update.

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