Brikama Durumakolong decries insecurity

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By Bruce Asemota

Residents of Suba Durumakollong ward in Brikama have expressed concern about insecurity and noise in the locality emanating mainly from bars in the area.

The chairman of the ward’s youth association, James Mendy, told The Standard that many important citizens live in the area but all are victims of sleepless nights from noise and pollution as well as petty crimes at these bars.


“We have had several meetings with the bar operators and the police to get them to control active and noise to allow residents to have peace but nothing has come out of that now we feel insecure because the noise and pollution from the bars attract all kind of people from far and wide including criminals to our area,” he lamented.

“They adhered to the warning for sometime but returned and continue to play music to disturb residents in the area,” he said.

Mendy recalled a fatal robbery that led to the death of a shopkeeper in the area. “Police AIG Landing Bojang visited the place and advised the bar operators not to operate beyond  2am. But his warning was not heeded because they soon went back to all habits- blasting music and holding carnival all night long”, he said.

Mendy said Landing Bojang’s warning was only effective for a month but the bar operators returned to their ungodly habits of playing music to disturb residents in the area.

”We are worried that the activities will attract prostitution, drug peddling and other vices,” he said.

Mendy said the association now felt that it’s like someone is playing mind game and therefore solicit the intervention of the Inspector General of Police and the Minister of Interior.