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Briton sued over D1M car exchange deal

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By Omar Bah

Alhagie Samba Bah a Gambian, has sued one Juliet Ryan, a British national, demanding the recovery of D410, 000.

The two reached an agreement for a vehicle exchange and as part of the agreement, Juliet was to give her Evoque Range Rover to Bah and top it up with D900, 000 to get Bah’s car.

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Last week, Juliet told The Standard Mr Bah threatened to ensure she is deported if she reported the disputed car deal between the two.

But in a court document seen by this medium, Mr Bah, a businessman dealing in selling and buying cars, has filed a legal action against Juliet.

According to the particulars of claims, Mr Bah sold a Range Rover Sport to Juliet Ann Marie for an amount of one million dalasis but she deposited D500, 000, and later D100, 000, remaining an outstanding balance of D410, 000.

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Samba Bah told the court that since then, Juliet is driving the car and did not want to pay the balance.

“The Evoque that she gave started developing engine problems after a few weeks. I told her about it but I said to her she does not have to worry about it, we will fix the vehicle,” Mr Bah said.

Stolen car?

Meanwhile, a report published by a local newspaper on 2nd December 2021, revealed that the same Ranger Rover Sports Autobiography Hybrid was sold by Alhagie Samba Bah to one Alassan Gent Ceesay in April 2019 for the sum of D1.5 million.

 According the newspaper report, that transaction ended in court after the buyer Alassan discovered that the Range Rover was not good and was stolen. A judgment delivered by Justice S Wadda Cisse ordered Alhagie to refund the sum of D1.5 million to Alassan.

The report disclosed that car was reportedly towed to a Range Rover accredited mechanic, who informed Alassan of the need to access the Range Rover’s company database in order to repair the vehicle. The mechanic found it impossible to access the Range Rover database for information in respect of the vehicle and suspected that the car was stolen. Alassan commissioned a search on the vehicle with the Interpol Unit of the Gambia Police Force, who confirmed that the car was stolen from France.

When contacted for comments on the report of the court case involving the same car, Alhagie Samba Bah, tersely said: “I am not going to say anything regarding that matter. Let her go to court.”

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