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Keeping the faith

So, I took a well-deserved break from my weekly RBN and for good reason; my previous RBN essay “Religious Camouflage” was doing enough damage.

The story in detail: Jammeh Vs Darboe

Before the Bulundala I appeared. The night before was long, after the town crier's announcement. The leader of Katanga has accused me of spreading false news. I, the loyal messenger with no loyalty! He cussed me as a liar and an imposter.

Zakir Naik, heresy and decency in religious discourse

The visit of the famous preacher and comparative religious debater Dr Zakir Naik has left in its wake a host of debates, rebuttals and approvals from the diverse Muslim community in the country. While others utterly condemned him, others who are in the majority, appeared very excited at the visit of a preacher they have followed for a long time.

A politician versus a man of God

Dear editor,

Biometric passports and our security

On a visit to the National Assembly on May 19, Ousman Sonko, Minister of Interior disclosed that plans were underway to introduce biometric passports to replace the machine readable passports for Gambians. Since then, much was made of the plan but now that the new system is finally officially introduced, it will deal the nation a new reality in upgrading and modernising our security situation.

Vision 2016: Nation at work

Agriculture is indispensable to human survival. The oxygen that keeps the human race surviving is from agriculture. The need to outline the value of agriculture is essential. As critics of the sector advance their arguments against its uniqueness, they resolve that marine food is an alternative.

Drug abuse & addiction

Some people are able to use recreational or prescription drugs without ever experiencing negative consequences or addiction. For many others, substance use can cause problems at work, home, school, and in relationships, leaving you feeling isolated, helpless, or ashamed.

Food security and the motherland

Dear editor,

Corruption is antithetical to nation building

Fighting corruption is binding upon everyone who is at the helm of things. A state that doesn't invest its powers in the eradication of this cancerous disease will have its hope for sustainable development dashed under the carpet. The lead story of The Standard yesterday highlighted the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Most Honourable Abdoulie Bojang, speaking out against corruption. It could not have come from a better person - the head of the lawmaking body of the country is a powerful voice that is much-needed in such an important discourse.

Meet me in Addis Ababa: African politicians and the ICC

Even the most vicious critics of the strongmen and women of Africa would, for a moment, understand their growing frustrations with the International Criminal Court (ICC). While we agree that heinous international crimes that fall within the jurisdiction of the ICC have been and are being committed in Africa, the court can stave off criticisms from African states and their supporters by investigating and prosecuting those suspected of committing international crimes in other parts of the world.

Must Read

Who Should Go To Caf, Last Year’s Winners Or This Year’s Leaders?

The GFF 's decision to pick Real de Banjul and Armed Forces to represent Gambia in the Caf champions league and Confederations Cup respectively,...

Gambia Armed Forces, fall not for the ceaseless provocation

By Samsudeen Sarr I had intended to remain silent about the recent Senegalese military incursion into Jarra Soma or somewhere around there last week; but...

Coronavirus pandemic–Why those suffering from sicklecell disease are being ignored? They are more vulnerable to Covid-19!

By Morro Gaye Providing health care services to all Gambians is a requirement of the 1997 constitution. As the fight against the coronavirus spread; government,...

Gambia’s main problem is not the new constitution

By Amat JENG ([email protected])    Ba-Samba DRAMMEH ([email protected])  Sciences Po Paris – “Constitutions are rules for the elites.” These were the words of Prof. Abdoulaye Saine,...

Darboe Challenges Barrow To Hold Election Under 1997 Constitution …if he disagrees with draft

By Tabora Bojang The leader of the United Democratic Party has challenged President Adama Barrow and his cabinet to conduct next election under the 1997...