Chipa Yi to be awarded D45,000 compensation


By Flex Dan

The chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission has informed Gainako Online that Banjul rapper Sheriff Camara alias Chipa Yi will be awarded D45,000 for police brutality meted out on him in mid-December 2021.

The NHRC chairperson revealed that the police investigation has been concluded and that the rapper, who was mistaken for someone else, will be compensated by the Gambia Police Force with a sum of D45,000.


With regard to justice and discipling the officers involved, the NHRC also revealed that four police officers were punished for their role in attacking the Banjul rapper. The said four officers were confined to barracks (CB) which involves not being allowed to leave the barracks and being forced to do menial jobs.

This was revealed on Friday 13th May 2022 in an exclusive interview with the NHRC chairperson. In a follow-up to this, the Banjul rapper visited the NHRC and will be meeting the Gambia Police Force in the near future to collect his compensation.