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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Collusion or Coalition

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By Malik Kah

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I’m confused I confessed Behind the serenity Serendipity I’m a simpleton Sensing blood and gore As militants draw daggers Snarling With innuendos The spirit of hope Of the coalition Leading to collusion The Constitution Is the victim of the coalition / confusion As collusion Not conclusive As it’s not inclusive All the coalition Leading to constipation Constraining our optimism Creating confusion In the fusion to craft a coalition constitution For a better dispensation Augur in democracy To fuse and imbue the masses Avoiding confusion Obviate reality Collusion contracting the coalition Who is in? Who is out? Conspiring With conspiracy I’m constipated Is it a collusion? Is it a coalition? Or confusion In fusion? Showing fissures Where is the spirit? That conspired to give us hope All dissipated Leading the coalition Into confusion With grammatical Constipation Dancing in semantics Like a gymnast Or Houdini Doing escapologist To disentangle The mangled entanglement Our coalition Into confusion We all suffering constipation


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