Interior minister vows to transform police force


By Omar Bah The Minister of the Interior, Mai Ahmed Fatty has informed the country’s Inspector General of Police of government’s plans to drastically transform the police force into a more vibrant sector. The Interior minister was making these remarks recently at the police headquarters in Banjul where he was on a familiarization tour. The minister also visited the PIU and police mobile unit. “The new administration will do all it can to ensure that the Gambia police force is one to be reckoned with in the whole region. We have the manpower and we can do it,” he told the police top brass. He said the new government is ready to give back the police its mandate as enshrined in the country’s constitution. “We are committed to ensure that the police continue to grow and deliver efficiently to the Gambian people”. The minister also recognised the huge improvement that was made over the years, saying “I am aware of the phenomenon progress that is made over the past years, not only in terms of reorganization, but more fundamentally in the substantial improvement in human capital.” “I want to assure you of government’s fullest commitment towards the achievement of the agenda of reform and progress of the police force,” he said. “We will provide you with community policing projects, increase your salaries and as well empower you to the best of our ability. But you have to also understand that you are serving Gambians, meaning you should respect the law,” he added. The interior minister said his ministry will submit a compressive proposal to cabinet with a view to reviewing condition of service of the police such as increasing their pay scales and insurance that will make them comfortable. On how the police should operate in the new dispensation, Fatty said: “As police officers we need to understand that the Gambia is going through an impressive political transformation. Not only the new-found freedom that we have all brought together, but also the political consciousness of the average Gambians”. Meanwhile, the IGP Yankuba Sonko, reassured the minister of his men’s unflinching support and loyalty to the Gambian people and the government. He also highlighted capacity building especially in the areas of the criminal record office and welfare as some of the challenges faced by the police force.]]>