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Could we find solution to escalating rate of hunger and poverty in The Gambia?

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Base on research or investigation, I found that Gambia is in a terrible situation which needs care and protection. This is clearly manifested by the hunger and poverty in the Gambia.

In fact, Gambians and Gambia Government, little do they know that first stage of life and development is food sufficiency. In other words, I doubt if Gambians understand that the first obligatory partner to life and development is food. Shortage of this just for couple of hours will affect the living status of all living things including man.

Severe hunger and poverty directly affect the brain to become stressed and frustrated. In addition, this situation could easily lead people to unnecessary dispute, conflict and rebellion to some extent.

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Since 1994 up to date, Gambia governments are just meandering to challenge and control hunger and poverty in the Gambia:

o          Their philosophy cannot lead them to provide the general population with sufficient quality food at low cost.

o          They cannot challenge to improve our daily diets at low cost.

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o          Rate of job opportunities for Gambian youths is very minimal

This invaded and escalated the rate of hunger and poverty in the Gambia and at the same time divided the general population of the Gambia in to three (3) different categories.

1.         First category is the people with limited ability to provide daily fish money for themselves and their families alone. However, they cannot support anyone else in addition to their family members and their savings cannot take them anywhere

2.         Second category is the people with limited ability to provide daily fish money for themselves and their families. This group of people normally encounters shortage of money either in the middle or at the end of every month. Therefore, their flexibility of what to eat or drink is limited and cannot save money anymore.

3.         Final category is group of people who live “from hand to mouth”. Under this category, sometimes people tend to live like scavengers because they have no choice of what to eat or drink.

Fellow Gambians, development is a process that brings improvement and gradual advancement in your life status. However, under national development unless the lower classes of the population have the flexibility of what to eat satisfactorily and 95% of the general population are at least contented with their personal accounts then the development is yet to be done. Let us understand that:

o          No politic will lead us to this achievement.

o          Unnecessarily dictatorship will not help to achieve this.

o          Irresponsibility and ignorance of what you suppose to do are obstacles to this achievement.

Rather, Gambians should come together as one and give maximum concentration to Agriculture in order to challenge and deprive our staple food from being import at high prices from elsewhere.

In fact, there is no logic to import your staple food from elsewhere. Why?

o          Because you do not control the production in the same way you have power to control the price to be low or high.

o          Secondly, when there happened inevitable problems like the outbreak of Corona disease and the occurrence Ukraine crises mediums of importations are affected and this put all the countries depending on importation in to jeopardy.

Indeed, looking at the nature and the whole situations of this country it is a shame and unexplainable for Gambia to bear the name of hunger and poverty.

This dilemma forced African Youth Organization for Agriculture (A.Y.O.A.) to be registered in the Gambia and we aim to implement our plans and techniques in order to remedy the terrible occurring situations in the Gambia that is hunger and poverty.

o          We aim to emancipate Gambia from the enslavement of hunger and poverty

o          We hope to create pathway for rapid development of the Gambia and reduce the rate of unemployment of the youths.

On that note we would please call and invite all the patriotic Gambians especially the Gambia government, all the opposition leaders of various parties, NGOs, private sectors, individual business personnel to come together and help us to acquire the required materials and challenge this philosophy in the Gambia.

For more information you could please contact the Executive Director Mr Alagie Suwareh or Work Strategic Planner or the Secretary General from the following details:

[email protected] /[email protected], +220 5318245/+2207735451/ +220 7943256/+2203751469

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