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Court admits Abdoulaye Thiam’s D90M receipts for gold purchased for Aisha Fatty

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By Bruce Asemota

Justice Ebrima Jaiteh of the High Court has yesterday admitted documents purported to be receipts in respect of gold purchased by businessman Abdoulaye Thiam for Aisha Fatty to trade.
The receipts showed that the gold was bought for D90M, equivalent to CFA 822.000.000.00.
Justice Jaiteh made this ruling premised on an objection raised by Lawyer L. S. Camara, counsel for Aisha Fatty who argued that the additional lists of documents, being receipts of purchase of gold issued by Bijouterie Lahat Kheweul Gold Shop in Dakar, Senegal on the 12th November, 2021 should not be admitted as exhibits.
In his ruling, the judge said it is clear that Aisha Fatty admitted receiving gold from Abdoulaye Thiam but stated that it was small and that it was for her personal use as she is not into gold business in The Gambia or anywhere.
Justice Jaiteh disclosed that the issue of purchase of gold is pleaded and the documents sought to be tendered are in support of the facts pleaded and are therefore relevant.
He also revealed that the receipts of purchase of gold from Dakar is in French and has been translated into English and the translator has deposed to an affidavit in the suit and he will be made available for cross-examination as to his competence in French and English languages.
Justice Jaiteh accordingly admitted the receipts of purchase of gold from Dakar, Senegal as exhibits.
Meanwhile, the case was adjourned to 7th November, 2023 for Aisha Fatty to tender her documents for her defence.

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