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CSOs given permit to hold demo Saturday

CSOs given permit to hold demo Saturday


By Omar Bah

Civil society organisations in The Gambia have called on Jammeh-era perpetrators to own up their responsibilities and participate in the transitional justice process.

The CSOs have been given permit by the police to conduct a #NeverAgain march on Saturday to demonstrate solidarity with the victims of human rights violations and demand truth, justice and fair reparations.

The Saturday march is part of the CSOs’ roadmap which consists of building public support for the implementation of the TRRC recommendations, supporting its implementation process and monitoring.

“We want to raise the awareness of our citizens to understand the importance of justice and what it entails,” Madi Jorbateh told journalists yesterday.

Jobarteh said justice for the victims isn’t only about prosecution.

“It is about reparations, memorialisation and reconciliation. The TRRC process should not be seen as a mere issue of vengeance,” Jorbateh said.

Jobarteh said perpetrators who accepted the role they played could contribute significantly in the rebuilding of a new Gambia.

He said the civil society will convene a national conference on the recommendations of the TRRC after the march.

The chairman of Tango, John Njie, said: “Even the perpetrators should be able to say #NeverAgain… Any Gambian who cannot align under this banner of #NeverAgain is evil, a shame and disgrace to our society. We should put all our differences aside and see The Gambia.”

The chairman of the Victims Centre, Sheriff Kijera, said: “We all bear responsibility for what happened under Jammeh because we refused to stand for each other.”

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