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Darboe says no second round for UDP in 2021

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By Lamin Cham & Amadou Jadama

The leader of the United Democratic Party, Ousainu Darboe has predicted a landslide victory for his party in the 2021 presidential election, saying that there will be no need for a second round.

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“I know that the UDP is strong enough to achieve that and we must do it to show and stamp our supremacy as the party of the entire Gambia.

“I am confident if elections are held in this country any time, UDP will almost certainly win the first round on its own. So those of you who are in this party, should make sure that no one is left behind in this crusade because every vote counts and we must nurture our nursery beds like our young ones by encouraging them to acquire voter’s cards to translate all this strength to votes,” he told thousands of supporters at Salikenni on Saturday.
He said the UDP has proven to be a pragmatic movement and it’s no longer interested in theoretical or philosophical doctrine.

“In fact no one can match the UDP when it comes to intellectuals in all fields but our emphasis now is practicality to move this country forward,” he said.

Mr Darboe told the audience the UDP is a very serious movement that will not allow indecision or dodgy behavior from anyone.

”You have to be a serious and a committed member or give way to others. Even myself, I am not exempted. I have to be true to the party or leave it,” he warned.

The UDP leader commended their members in parliament and others for a very rigorous scrutiny of the budget and urged them to reject anything wasteful.

He also commented on the draft constitution, saying he does not agree with proposals for the Minister of local government to have undue influence over the traditional leaders. ”We should stick to our traditional and cultural system of choosing our traditional leaders. No form of democratization should destroy these values that have maintained peace and harmony in our communities since time immemorial,” he said.

Mr Darboe had led a strong delegation to attend an adoption ceremony in honour of his deputy Aja Yam Secka, and prominent Salikenni citizen Ebrima Bura Njie who have been made mother and father, respectively of a youth group in Baddibu Salikenni.
The delegation was greeted by thousands of supporters most of them cladded in T-Shits labelled ‘Baddibu is not for sale’.

Many others planted UDP flags on roof tops and trees across most Baddibu villages including the Kerewan Bridge.
Darboe congratulated Aja Yam Secka and Mr Njie for the honours, saying both have earned their recognition through contribution to the betterment of the Salikenni community and beyond.

“Aja Yam Secka was a teacher in this village and some of her students have now become successful professionals in different careers,” Darboe said.

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