Darboe says UDP’s struggles salvaged Gambia

Darboe says UDP's struggles salvaged Gambia


By Amadou Jamada on tour

Continuing his tour of the country, United Democratic Party leader Ousainu Darboe has told supporters in Nuimi that UDP contributed immensely to salvaging The Gambia from the clutches of tyranny.

“It was the blood of the UDP’s fallen heroes and the sweats and sacrifices of those lucky to be alive which made it possible for the country to emerge from that dark chapter,” he said.


But according to the UDP leader, the country is not yet out of the woods.

“I want to let you know that the mission UDP embarked on in 1996 is still relevant and the party must continue to fight for the total satisfaction of all Gambians. We are not in this struggle just to become president or to get money. Our mission and vision for this country is as relevant now as when we started in 1996,” Darboe said.  Darboe said the 25 years’ struggle by the UDP which was  greeted with repression, imprisonment,  killing and other forms of harassment contributed to the freedom that many are enjoying today and therefore if there is any party that should be trusted with the future of The Gambia, that is UDP.

At Fass Njaga Choi, the UDP leader recalled when he and his delegation had to spend nights in the village resisting a police blockage of their tour. “I wish to appreciate your loyalty and the solidarity you manifested on that day up to now. As part of our 5 – Point Agenda, a UDP government will transform Fass Njaga Choi into a modern settlement in The Gambia. Since most people in Fass are farmers, we shall provide adequate and affordable farming implements for you,” Darboe told the villagers.

He further stated that a UDP government would spend 10% of the national budget on agriculture and make it attractive to the youths. At Berending, some 50 people reportedly cross-carpeted from NPP to UDP. The tour continued yesterday with visits to Daru Rilwan, Saba and a night stop at No–Kunda.