Darsilameh unveils new Caliph


Darsilameh Sangajorr, a venerable village in Foni Kansala, West Coast Region, has unveiled its 6th Caliph following the death of Sheikh Muhideen Hydara, who passed away last month having been Caliph for barely ten years.
Sheikh Malaine Hydara, the eldest son of the revered Sheikh Muhammad Faadil Hydara, is now the new Caliph and he was enthroned after the 7th day charity of Sheikh Muhideen Hydara.

The coronation was a symbolic event for the villagers, especially those of the ‘Ahlulbait’, who descended on the village to witness only the 3rd coronation in more than fifty years.
Sheikh Muhideen’s sudden passing brought so much sadness to the villagers but having a new Caliph who would inspire unity and development was a much needed consolation.
Speaking to The Standard after the coronation, Sheikh Amfaal Hydara, the president of the Sheikh Malaine Foundation, said the outpour of sympathy and support from people of all walks of life after the Caliph’s demise was immeasurable.

“People from all over the world, especially Gambians have stood by us and have shared our grief in that difficult moment. We have appreciated this and I, on behalf of the Caliph and the villagers, thank them for their support,” he said.
Meanwhile Sheikh Amfaal Hydara also confirmed that the annual gamo of the village would still go ahead this Saturday.
“We wish to extend this invitation to the president and his cabinet, friends and love ones, and the entire Muslim Ummah,” he added.