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Dembo ‘By-Force’ Has Not Resigned Or Sacked

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By Omar Bah

Karamo Jadama, a close associate of the UDP national president, Dembo ‘By Force’ Bojang, has debunked information making the rounds that Mr Bojang has resigned as adviser to President Adama Barrow.
Over the weekend, the news had gone viral and has been a major talking point. Although Mr Bojang himself was not available for immediate comment, Mr Jadama, who is the chairman of the UDP in the North Bank Region, last evening issued a statement on the matter: “For the interest of the general public, I am hereby confirming that Hon Dembo By Force Bojang has not resigned and he has not been dismissed by His Excellency, the President as his First Adviser for Religious Affairs.”

Mr Bojang, a resident of Bakau, has been one of the most dominant political forces in Bakau for over a generation. He was among the kingpins that put together the potpourri Coalition 2016 that swept Yahya Jammeh out of power. He was returned unopposed as the UDP national president at the party’s last congress. Since then, a chasm has been developing between the UDP leadership headed by Ousainu Darboe and President Adama Barrow who had to renounce his UDP membership and become an independent to lead the coalition.

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Many political observers thought Mr Bojang has been siding with Barrow in the political tug-of-war with Darboe. At a meeting at State House, President Barrow himself said if he had no one but Mr Bojang behind him, he would fear nothing.
However some observers have noted that Mr Bojang has not been featuring prominently at least in public, in President Barrow’s recent political activities.


Alleged recalling of UDP diplomats
Mr Jadama who is seen as both a UDP and State House insider, also refuted claims that UDP bigwigs serving as ambassadors have been recalled en masse for termination.
He wrote: “I am dismissing the misinformation going around that the Head of State His Excellency, Adama Barrow, has the intention to revoke the appointments of some Gambian ambassadors serving in various countries in the world [who were] recommended by Hon Alhaji Ousainu Darboe and approved by the President during his tenure in office as Minister for Foreign Affairs. These rumours are unfounded…

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““President Barrow is a responsible president and he is mature enough not to engage himself in making such a baseless decision that will only bring political tension in the country. President Barrow deserves due respect from every citizen in this country as our leader who has respect for humanity.”
Mr Jadama curiously ended by saying “there is no political crisis between H.E Adama Barrow and Ousainu Darboe as a father and son”.

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