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Ecomig soldier ‘under closed custody’ after deadly incident

By Alagie Manneh

The Ecomig force has placed “under custody” one of its soldiers who reportedly killed two people and left several injured in a deadly weekend car accident, pending the outcome of police investigations, Ecomig PRO told The Standard.  

Major Alfred Marteye said the mission is collaborating with the police to establish the events that led to the deadly incident.

When asked why the man was not placed under indefinite suspension, the major replied “it is a process”.

“The police are investigating. The soldier in question is under close custody. Once the investigations are done and the facts found out, whatever action we take will be made public,” he told The Standard.

In its press statement released yesterday evening and signed by force commander Colonel Cheikh Omar Tamba, Ecomig said contrary to media reports, it was in fact the tricycle that rammed into the Ecomig vehicle.

When told eyewitness accounts disputed that assertion, the PRO added: “I cannot give you my personal view because I didn’t do the investigations. It’s the Gambia Police Force that is doing the investigations. So, these preliminary reports are not my views.”

Major Marteye appealed to all to put emotions aside and allow the police investigation to be completed. “Let’s take our time and send the right facts there,” he emphasised. 

He said the mission was doing whatever it can to console the families of the dead and help the injured.

Major Marteye said the soldier involved in the fatal crash has been “very traumatised since the incident”.

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