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By Omar Bah

Former independent presidential candidate and head of Team-Sobeya Lawyer Essa Faal has proposed that veteran politician and leader of PDOIS Halifa Sallah initiate talks to bring the opposition together in a coalition ahead of the 2026 presidential election.

Speaking in a Star FM exclusive to be aired today, the former TRRC lead counsel continued: “We should find a way of coming together because we have senior politicians with lots of experience like Halifa Sallah who has played a crucial leadership role in the formation of many important coalitions in this country. Even though he has said he has retired from active politics he should be able to guide and help to organise something like that because nobody loves this country more than he does so he should be able to come and help for that to happen.”

Mr Faal revealed that other political parties have started the process.

“Things are really very difficult in this country and if our interest as political leaders is to salvage the country then we should be able to sit and agree on having a leader who has all the qualities to lead a united force. If we want this country to thrive, we should capitalise on the best that it can offer,” he said.

Lawyer Faal said countries like Rwanda and Senegal are advancing because they always choose the best people to offer quality leadership.

“That is what gives those nations comparative advantage to thrive unlike here in The Gambia where the best people who can deliver are put aside while those chosen to lead are not champions in anything. Maybe they are the most stubborn ones but they cannot show anything that warrants them to be recognised. This is why we are lagging behind,” Essa Faal told Star FM.

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