With the many and varying revelations coming from the Commission of Inquiry into the financial activities of the former president and his associates – some financial misdeeds and other various forms of abuses – and all these being pinned on the former president, it will be interesting to know whether the current government will seek extradition or not.


Well, President Adama Barrow is reported to have met with President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly which recently convened in New York, the United States of America. Many Gambians will speculate as to the nature of that meeting, and what was discussed.



Obviously, many will want to know whether or not President Barrow raised the issue of seeking extradition of former President Jammeh. If he did, what was the response? Was President Obiang even willing to listen? If in the case where he was reluctant to discuss this, what can be done about the matter? And how far is the government of the Gambia willing to go towards this issue?


With almost all of the former associates and appointees of the former president now abandoning him and shedding almost all responsibility and hanging everything on his neck, it will be interesting to have him come and clear the air one way or the other.


Knowing that there is a huge interest from the public to know the government’s stance on this issue, it will be fitting for the government to come out with a statement informing the citizenry of the outcome of that meeting.

It is hoped that President Barrow or his spokesperson will come out with answers to the above questions for the public to know what’s going on!