22 C
City of Banjul
Friday, January 15, 2021


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By Talib Gibran

A shyly overture
Became enviably mature
But now only a torture
As if there is no future
To this 11-month rapture
With someone of considerable stature
Tears roll when I look at your picture
A cute hypnotizing structure
Straight legs with no fracture
Hooded eyes like a seaside creature
In this maddening coy love culture
Couple with a passion written in scripture

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Darkness sneaking on me
Peer influence bearing on thee
Crazy conjoined feelings to flee
And steams out like hot tea
From our souls without plea
But the price is for we

The ‘donkeys’ are braying
And we are not praying
For ‘it’ to continue flying
Instead of everyday crying
And act like we are dying
When we know the love is swaying

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