Fire officer shot at border village


Reliable sources have confirmed to The Standard that an officer of the Gambia Fire and Rescue Services has been shot and wounded at a border village in CRR.
Our source said the incident occurred after a dispute between two villages on the Gambia and Senegal border.

The Standard contacted the PRO of the Gambia Fire and Rescue Services, Muhammed Drammeh, who said the injured officer, one Ansumana Drammeh, is part of The Gambia joint security forces posted at Jahanka village near the border with Senegal.

He said the security post was approached by the villagers who wanted them to intervene in a reported dispute with some Senegalese across the border.


“It was during these negotiations that a shot was fired which unfortunately wounded officer Drammeh on both legs. He was rushed to Bansang Hospital and later to EFSTH in Banjul,” he narrated.
PRO Drammeh said the matter is now with the Gambia Police Force who are investigating it but according to him, no one knows who fired the shots.