Veteran politician and former Speaker of the National Assembly, Fatoumatta Jahumpa-Ceesay has been appointed general secretary of the former ruling party, the APRC now led by Fabakary Tombong Jatta. She is the first woman to hold such position in the party.

As general secretary, FJC will head the national bureau of the APRC with responsibility to, among other things, supervise the general administration functions of the bureau, co-ordination of the party’s organisation, campaigns and other activities in consultation with the party leader.

The Standard discovered that Mrs Jahumpa-Ceesay is currently out of the country and contacted her through phone for reaction.


She said her strategy is to mobilise all militants, supporters, sympathizers and friends of the party to work on the 3Rs, which are to Rebrand, Recruit and Reconcile.

“I am calling on all and sundry to return to their true party under the leadership of our party leader Hon Speaker FTJ. I will even reach out to those who left and those in the diaspora.

APRC must unite as we are great and noble. We must work for the young ones to take over and make it bigger and stronger,” FJC said.

Madam Jahumpa Ceesay has been a member of the APRC since its founding in 1996 and held various positions in its executive.

She also served as the first deputy Speaker of the Ecowas parliament and is currently an international consultant in governance.