Flood victims


The first duty of a government, it is said, is the protection of its citizens. Whether this protection is of life or property, a government is duty bound to protect its citizens. Thus when something happens to the people of a country, the government must be seen to be doing something to help the victims.

The unprecedented amount of rain that has resulted from the opening of the skies of late, has caused a lot of damage in the country, particularly in Kuntaur where it has been reported that many people lost their homes. A lot of losses have been reported in that community.

Yet, up to the time of going to press, the government has not been heard to say a thing about it. Government should make it a duty to show solidarity with the people of Kuntaur. These people, though no fault of theirs, have been visited by a calamity and as such, they need all the support they can get. This help does not only have to be financial, but even a visit from a high ranking government official with a few words of encouragement will be highly appreciated and spirit-lifting.


When disaster occurs, one is left alone without friends or hope. That is where government should come in, and serve as a benevolent father to show support.

We expect that the government will rise up to the occasion and extend a helping hand to these folks!