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A former President of then Gambia Amateur Boxing Association Sheikh Lewis has died. Mr Lewis served the association from the late 1990s to 2002 during which time he inspired many young Gambians to take interest in the sport. He was also an international tennis umpire.
Apart from sports, Sheikh Lewis also served as a voice for human rights defenders.
Lamin Fatty of the Child Protection Alliance paid this tribute.
“An Icon of human rights has retired to eternal rest.We have lost a father, uncle, grandpa, mentor and a human rights giant. Mr. Lewis was a tireless advocate for inalienable rights of all people and for equality. He was brilliant, deeply principled, courageous and kind.
His sickness silenced him and stole him from the bravest of the brave men this country has ever produced. Mr. Sheikh Lewis’s courage, willingness and determination has not only mentored many but confronted evil, defended the vulnerable and lived on ideal democracy and constitutional principles which made him a true icon of human rights.
May his gentle soul rest in eternal peace”