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Former SG testifies in Lang Conteh trial

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Dr Bah who was also minister for Presidential Affairs and the third person to testify in the trial said: “Sometime in 2012, I was summoned into the office of the president where I met Mr Conteh with the president. I was introduced to Mr Conteh and I was informed that he was appointed as the general manager or the managing director of Kanilai Family Farms. He was to be given an assignment to renovate a store that was for the company to be inaugurated by the end of December 2014. The store that was to be renovated was around the Albert Market on the way to State House. I wrote the appointment letter and issued it. Since his appointment, at some point he was reporting to me. I issued something for the renovation and Mr Conteh was to assess the cost of the renovation and to report to me. Later, the assessment was done and there was an initial payment which was given to me and I handed it over to Mr Conteh but I can’t remember the figure. That was the only thing I gave to Mr Conteh for the renovation of the Kanilai Family Farms. I have made a statement in connection to this and I recorded it and then thumb printed it.”

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At that juncture, Prosecutor Alpha Badjie applied to tender the witness statement of the witness to be admitted in evidence and marked as an exhibit. Defence counsel, Lamin Mboge, did not object to the application but instead applied that the witness statement should be copied for the defence. 

“I have earlier applied for all the statements in this matter to be served to the defence but the copy of the statement of PW4 was not served,” he queried. The matter was then adjourned to November 3. 

Lang Conteh, former general manager of the Kanilai Family Farms is accused of stealing D1,538,804.95 between 2012 and 2013. He denied the charge.  


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