GAF decorates 448 soldiers to various ranks


By Olimatou  Coker

The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) has Tuesday decorated 448 soldiers to various ranks namely, private lance corporal to corporal, corporal to sergeant, sergeant to staffs and staff’s warrant officer2 (W02), and among the 448, 45 has been decorated while others are engaged in their essential duties but will also be decorated as well.

At a decoration ceremony held at 1 Infantry Battalion in Yundum, the soldiers are decorated due to their commitment to service.


Brigadier General Ousman Gomez, Commander of GAF, said the Gambia National Army has been undergoing gradual transformation despite the numerous challenges.

“This ceremony today is historic for the soldiers because it marks a very important point in your career,” he said.

According to him, promotion in the military may be seen as elevating an individual soldier or a group to various ranks but actually, it entails more than elevation.

He added that soldiers are expected to perform all assignments and in line with the best practice of the military. He said it is based on this assessment, evaluation that recommendations are made and eligible candidates are challenged with promotion to a new rank.

“Promotion in the military is based on commitment, hard work , discipline and dedication. You cannot be promoted in the absence of all these criteria “.

Lieutenant John Pierre Mendy called on the promoted soldiers to hold their ranks high while advising them to love each other like brothers and sisters to defend the national integrity of the country.

“I am urging all of you to keep raising the flag of the Gambia high and high with dignity and respect. We are all known as the discipline one in our Gambian society and we must trust to carry this on. Anything you achieve in life is achieved with patience, discipline, respect, and determination “.

He also said the 448 personnel promoted should be all proud of their uniforms and ranks.