Gambian businessman accused of scamming compatriots in Spain


By Omar Bah

The Gambian consul in Spain, Kabuneh Sakoli has expressed concern over the alleged criminal activities of a Gambian businessman, Baba Ceesay who is based in Spain and is reported to have scammed several people.

Baba Ceesay, also called Hajie Majula, is a native of Garawol village in  URR.


According to Sakoli, his office has received numerous allegations of dubious activities of Mr Ceesay and had himself personally advised the businessman against such behaviours but he would not listen.

“We are working hard to recover monies he owes people which are many, including myself because I had to bail him out with 1500 euros from people wanting to attack him about their money and he has not paid me back up to now. In fact, I am searching for him,” he told The Standard from his base in Spain. Sakoli added that he has reported Mr. Ceesay to the police in Spain and has since appointed a lawyer to help him recover his money because Ceesay has stopped picking his calls. “He has done it to many people,” he said. He said several people in Spain have also reported Mr. Ceesay to his office, including a US-based Gambian Muhammed Jawara who he allegedly duped with a promise to supply him with engines that never materialised.

In an interview with The Standard on Tuesday, Muhammed Jawara accused the businessman of defrauding him of close to D4 million through a business transaction involving a supply of a bulldozer, trucks, engines and shipping cost.

“I sent him roughly D4 million and was due to ship them to Banjul which he never did,” a disappointed Jawara said.

“I am starting a legal case at the high court against him, and we are working with law enforcement to ensure that Mr. Ceesay is accountable for his actions,” Mr. Jawara concluded.

Jawara said he refused to be silent about it because other Gambians could fall victim to Mr. Ceesay in the future. Two other business owners based in the Gambia told The Standard that Mr. Ceesay has scammed them of millions of dalasis too.

Ceesay explains

When contacted for comments, Baba Ceesay said: “It is true that I had a business transaction with Mr. Jawara, and I was supposed to supply him with engines but unfortunately, I had issues and I couldn’t buy the engines. Now I am working to pay him back his money. I have a container coming to the Gambia when I finish selling my materials, I will start paying him back.”

A Nigerian Pastor, who received part of the dollars Jawara sent to Mr. Ceesay, also confirmed to The Standard that he received the money through his account, but he was never told what the money was meant for. However, the Pastor who begged to remain anonymous said he will do everything to help Mr. Jawara recover the dollars he sent through his account.