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‘Gambian migrants live like slaves in Italy’

By Juldeh Njie    Ebrima Ceesay, a 30-year-old Gambian based in Germany has told The Standard that some Gambian migrants are treated like slaves in Italy. “They are forced to work for 24 hours with very little pay. This is absolute slavery at its best,” he told The Standard. He further disclosed that boys and girls under the age of 18 are roam the streets between Germany and Italy for months without proper care. “Though many people including my humble self are doing our best to the most vulnerable among them, there is still more to be done to address the situation at hand. But I must admit that many more Gambian migrants in Italy remain in horrendous conditions. Frankly speaking, our authorities should do something about this, the conditions our brothers and sisters live in are inhumane,” he added. Ceesay recalled that two Gambians even committed suicide because they could not stand the pressure from their families back home. “And the sad thing is that the true realities of their condition are never known back home here. “All they do is post beautiful pictures on social media that will not tell their real story. I, myself, came to know about this horrendous situation when I went there to collect my nephew,” he said. Asked to talk about how help comes for these desperate migrants, Mr Ceesay said he personally spends money in helping them. “I’m working on a documentary about all the horrendous things our youths are faced with in Italy. If I complete the documentary I will present it to both the German and Gambia governments so that they will collaborate to ensure something is done about the issue,” he said.]]>

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