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By John Mendy The Secretary General of WAFU Zone A Jammeh EK Bojang has said Gambian sports is drifting back into dullness, compared to the past. “I feel very sad! I spent 15 solid years of my life in Gambian sports administration and I am seeing Gambian sports drifting back in to oblivion. Honestly speaking, it is disheartening”, Bojang stressed. However Bojang did not give specific examples but contended that he couldn’t blame Gambia entirely or so much for what transpired in a generation ago ‘because that fear-factor was there”. But honestly, I am seeing it drifting back into oblivion”,. Recalling his days as a Secretary General of the then Gambia Football Association, from 1998 to 2012, Bojang said his vibrant team cannot be compared to any of the previous and the present Executive. “When I was General Secretary, I had a great team and an Executive committee which were going to Junior World Cups and standing up to bigger countries in Africa like Senegal, Tunisia, and beating them”. “Drawing against Senegal was a big plus for our executives, and beating countries like Burkina and so on, were pleasant and solid achievements,”he boasted. He added: “We need to really look for people who can deliver, that’s the bottom line”. I am not trying to be critical; I am looking at the interest of the Gambia. ”We have to force knowledge to run our sports” and to be able to From the huge resources sports and its business and bring bout today,” he concluded.]]>

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